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Hi, My husband and I adopted Sammy in January 2011. He has been such a blessing to our family. He is such a doll and always keeping us busy loving him and having fun. He loves to go for walks and jogs and play with all of his toys we’ve spoiled him with. All of our neighbors have dogs and they all like playing together.
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Sammy and our ten year old cat, Chloe, get along pretty well now too. They like to chase each other around. Its pretty amusing. Sammy also loves to get baths. He loves eating fruits and vegies; bananas are his favorite. He is a healthy, fun loving and out going little cocker spaniel who we think is also part hound dog because he never barks at all but we have heard him howl like a hound dog when he has thought we had both left for the day. I don’t know how anyone could have gave him up, but I think it was all part of God’s plan for him and us because we are all a perfect fit for each other and love each other dearly. We are so thankful we found each other and I just hope his life before us wasn’t too awful. He is our little precious gift from God and from the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society. God bless all of the animals at the shelter and we hope they all find their forever homes because they all deserve to find a loving home.  Here are some pics we have taken so far of Sammy.
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Thanks again, Dana and Adam

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