It takes a special person to become a foster parent for animals in need. The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society has a foster care program for animals that may need some extra TLC before finding their forever home. We especially need foster homes for very young puppies and kittens, as well as adult animals who may need medical care or socialization.

The goal of the MACS foster program is to evaluate and treat a greater number of animals who would not thrive in a shelter environment. The ideal foster home is one in which the foster family has the time and room in their home for a temporary family member. Foster families are expected to care for their foster animal(s) as they would one of their own. The shelter will help you by providing your foster with food and medical supplies, as well as toys and training tools. The shelter will also provide all of the necessary veterinary care for your foster animals. You are responsible for transporting your foster animals to and from the vet, as well as seeking assistance in an emergency situation.

“Our family has fun fostering puppies. The shelter gives us everything we need to care for the puppies food, toys, lots of newspaper, blankets and we add the love.” -Benjamin

The questions that you should ask yourself when considering whether you want to become a foster parent are:

  • Do I have the time and space to bring in another animal?
  • Does everyone in my home agree that they would like to foster animals?
  • Do I have a place where I could put an animal, in the event that he/she had to be separated from my other animals? (In the case of an illness or injury)
  • Does anyone in my home have allergies to pets?

When your first foster animal has found that special home, you will realize that, without you, it never could have happened. We hope that you will enjoy caring for your foster pet and that the rewards you experience will outweigh the difficulty of parting. Once your foster pet is adopted, you will be available to foster again and again, helping countless numbers of animals.

Fostering a Dog or Puppies

Fostering a dog or a litter of puppies takes a lot of time and commitment. Often the dogs who are placed into foster care have been mistreated or neglected in some way. Still others may require special medical attention before they can find their permanent home. Fostering dogs and puppies is a very rewarding, but can also be very challenging. Foster dogs and puppies require extra attention when it comes to housetraining as well as manners (such as chewing or destructive behavior) Foster homes for dogs or puppies are expected to be available for on-site pet adoptions, to allow their foster the best chance at finding a permanent home.

Fostering a Cat or Kittens

Foster homes are especially needed for injured adult cats and very young kittens. Kittens under the age of 8 weeks or under 2 lbs are not old enough to be placed for adoption, and do best in a home environment. Your role as a foster mom for a litter of kittens will be to provide them with the socialization necessary to be a loving pet to a future family. Kittens need a great deal of love and handling when they are young. If left on their own, young kittens can become mistrustful of people, causing them to scratch or bite when frightened. Once your foster kittens are old enough to be placed for adoption, they will be sent to the PetSmart store in Utica, where they will be housed until they find their forever homes.

How Do We Become a Foster Family?

The first step in becoming a foster family is to complete an online application. Once your application for fostering is approved, you will be contacted by the Adoption Coordinator to set up an in-home interview to guide you through the rest of the process.

Foster Application

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