I just wanted to send a quick hello and some pictures of my dog Ozzy (he was Brinker in the shelter–I adopted him back in April). He is doing so well, and I thought you might like to know what he’s been up to for the last few months. Here’s what he would tell you if he could talk:


Hi everybody!

You might remember me as the guy who had to wear that darned cone after my stitches got infected. Boy, was I happy to get that thing off! When I got home I was just such a bundle of puppy energy. My mom learned how to tire me out by taking me for two long walks every day and sending me to daycare at Canine To Five once a week. I love daycare! The other dogs are so much fun and I can run and jump and play as much as I want. I also learned to swim in the baby pool there, and I swam in all kinds of places over the summer. (When you have as much fur as I do, you gotta keep cool.) My mom and I do lots of other fun things together, too. We took an obedience class, we went camping, we go to the farmers market, and I even helped her pick out a new car. I also get to come to work with my mom one day a week, and everybody spoils me. We play fetch in the hallways and I get to greet all the visitors. Luckily I also get to take a lot of naps there–working is tiring! Other than that, my mom says I have been a perfect gentleman around the house (I even like to nap next to her pairs of shoes by the door–how’s that for trust?) and I am very friendly to everyone I meet. People ask all the time what breed I am, and they’re so surprised to find out I am a shelter dog. My mom always tells them there are lots more great dogs who need homes back at the shelter. I hope you are all doing well. My mom and I are planning to bring some donations over for the holidays, so maybe we’ll get to see you soon!

Lots of love–


ozzy   ozzy2   ozzy4