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Vice-PresidentTeresa LaCross
TreasurerBill Siewart
SecretaryKristen Kasprick
MemberPatty Jones
Shelter Management
DirectorDebbie Thurman
ManagerTeresa LaCross

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(Updated on 12/10/11)

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Changes at MACS

MACS has embarked on a new journey to save more lives and has implemented the following procedures. So far MACS has:

  1. Sent two of their senior employees too “Animal Care Expo” in Florida and two senior employees to “Best Friends National Conference” in New Jersey to learn new methods of modern animal shelter management.
  2. Sent out transfer application to all MDARD licensed shelters and all Michigan Pet Fund Alliance Certified Rescues, with automatic approval if they applied, to get as many transfer partners as possible.
  3. Set up a new computer networking system to track all animals while at the shelter to assure the best possible care. This system is in place and currently training is ongoing with a shelter program called “Shelter Manager.”
  4. Performed spay and neuter services and other required medical procedures for Detroit Animal Care and Control (DACC) dogs that were being transferred to other venues for a better chance of adoption.
  5. Provided rental vans, at no charge, to transport DACC dogs being transferred.
  6. Working on Standard Operating Procedures regarding volunteers, shelter operations, euthanasia, communication on social media, and other shelter related activities.
  7. Hired an animal/staff trainer.
  8. Transferred dogs and cats with either staff or volunteer drivers to transfer partners throughout Michigan. These partners receive adoptable animals free of charge and “ready to go” having been tested, spayed or neutered, and inoculated, all at MACS expense. All this is being done every day to give animals the best chance for adoption that they might not have had a MACS.
  9. Contracted to build a fenced in “play yard” with a double airlock type gate system to allow animals to meet through the fence before being introduced by MACS trainer.

MACS has continued to improve operations during the last ten months. MACS will continue to move forward with increased adoptions, fosters, and transfers. MACS will continue community outreach to help the citizens of Detroit and some surrounding communities to comply with their local animal ordinances as well as donate supplies and educational materials to those that request them. MACS clinic continues to offer low cost/no cost spay/neuter options and to aid with other medical costs.

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