Merry Christmas Ol’ friends! Well Hello Again!
… In late 2010, or early 2011, I was abandoned and left in the streets of Detroit to survive on my own. Life was hard, You see, I’m a little poodle, and I had to fight for food, for shelter, and most importantly fight for my life. My life changed in February when some wonderful people, caring, and encouraging people from The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society found me on the streets.They showed me love, love that I had longed for, for a very long, long time. They didn’t judge me because my hair was so completely matted that I needed to be shaved bald. They didn’t judge me because I was so emaciated that it was uncertain that I would survive, they did not dismiss me because I weighed less than 5 pounds, they BELIEVED in me, they believed that I was worth helping no matter how desperate my situation was; and they knew that somebody out there needed me, NEEDED ME!

A family from Ontario who were broken hearted from recently loosing their own forever friend to heart disease at an old age. So the great people at MACS took their time, and invested in me, fed me back to health, and then began to look for the family that longed for me. My new family named me Orlando, and I immigrated to Canada.


I have a nice big fenced yard in the country. I have a nice warm bed in front of the fireplace, and my new family include me in everything they do. They even took us to Tennesee last summer! Every morning I happily greet them with my tail wagging so hard I can barely keep still. I don’t even lose control of my bladder anymore, and I have no need to feel afraid either, so I don’t! It was a long road, but now I am home! Not only am I home, but one of my friends at the shelter was reunited with me too, and we all live happily ever after.

Merry Christmas MACS.

Well 2011 for me started out a lot like it did for my friend Orlando. I was rescued from a tree in my previous owners yard. I guess at one time they really wanted me, but just did not realize how much help I need. I arrived at MACS because I needed some extra special attention. I was
matted just like Orlando and was not looked after well. MACS helped me back to good health.My friends at MACS showed me off at some adoption events…and someone even took me home. Unfortunately I wasn’t a fit, and I had some challenges to overcome, so I went back home to my friends at MACS. You see, I never had any interactions with humans, nobody ever trained me on how to look after my business, and I think someone must have hit me as it’s
hard for me to mentally process things that I need to do.When Orlando’s family called MACS from Ontario to look for a playmate for him – MACS knew I fit the bill, and my new family would accept me – just as I am. I am no longer chained up to a tree, and I get real nutritious food meant for dogs (and once in awhile they all sneak me a morsel of human food too!).savanah1My new family was shocked to learn that I like Apples and Oranges. Orlando just hates them, but with the big apple tree in my backyard, I get to chew on one whenever I want, and I am so thankful to be here that I very proudly bring some back into the house for my humans. I still have little problems with my bathroom habits, but I know my family knows that I try really hard. I love everyone I meet, and my
favorite activity is snuggling and giving my family kisses. I love car rides and Orlando and I have matching safety seats! Orlando and I love chasing each other in the yard, and I still love to dig. My family does not like me eating bugs anymore but sometimes I still do, it’s a hard habit to break, but each day is a new day and I try again! I love my new home, and thank my friends at MACS for bringing my new family together.Merry Christmas MACS,
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from JeffBonnie, Ceilidh, Orlando, and Savannah