We follow the guidelines from the American Heartworm Society

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We strive to provide quality Veterinary Care at a low cost. Heartworm Disease Treatment can be quite costly, however it is spread out through a series of three visits. These prices are an estimate and it may vary based case by case depending on the pets medical history and Veterinarian discretion. These are ESTIMATES only and not set until the pet has been seen by the DVM. 

Visit One: Heartworm Treatment Consult

      Office Call: $37

      Radiographs: $90

      Bloodwork: $50-$130


      Heartworm Prevention: $7 to $25 (monthly cost) 

      TOTAL: $194-$307

Visit Two: Injection 1 

      Immiticide: $75-$225

      Pain Medication: $10-$20

      TOTAL: $85-$245

Visit Three and Four: Injections 2 and 3, must be 24 hours apart

      Immiticide: $150-$300

      Pain Medication: $10-$20

      TOTAL: $160-$320

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