Freemont is just one of the many animals who have found permanent homes through MACS.  Because of MACS, and his wonderful new family, Freemont’s story is just beginning. Freemont’s Journey Journal From Michigan to Maine — December 2008
It all began when my new family saw this picture of me online in November of 2008. I was under the care of the Michigan Anti Cruelty Society. They contacted my caretakers and asked if I was available, I soon heard I was  going to a new home. image9221
image9251 Two days after Christmas I met my new parents. Here I am with the vet for my check up to travel.
Here I am with my new Mommy and Daddy waving goodbye to the wonderful people that took care of me. image9431
image9441 We had a lot of fog on the trip home. This is me in New York learning to use the doggy area at the rest stop.
We stayed over night in New York and the next day we arrived in Maine. I wasn’t sure of all the noise from the traffic when we took this picture. I was happy to get back in the car. image9451
image9461 This is my new home in Maine. Behind the house are the barns and the pen for the sheep.
When I got out of the car, I played in the snow banks in the driveway. This was a pile by the old chicken coop. After I played for a while, it  as time to meeteveryone. They all ended up at  the farm with a story like me. image9471
image9481 Daddy took me out to meet the sheep. This was very exciting! They were not sure of me, I didn’t look quite like the dog they are used to seeing. Mommy said if I’m good I can herd them in the summer to get them back in the pen after they free feed in the yard.
This is Buddie. He was brave enough to come see me. He was unwanted when he came here and very sick from eating cattle food and  drinking water from an old can used for  transmission fluid. He is doing very well now and has been here for almost 10 years. image9491
image9501 This is Buddie (front right) with Yokie on the left and Harriet in the background.  This was last winter. Yokie and Harriet were also unwanted. Yokie was born in December and suffered frostbite before he came here. Mommy got Harriet for her fleece, she is a Merino and very soft. Her breeder didn’t want her because she had too much hair on her face. Mommy makes stuff from their wool.
This has been the hardest part for me. I’m trying to get the cat Dusty to like me. Mommy and Daddy say she is the princess and I must be gentle. I get very excited and approach her too fast. I have to learn to slow down, I hope she likes me. image9511
image9521 This is a picture of Dusty from last summer; she likes to sleep in the window. She was a wild kitty when she came here; very thin and scarred up a bit. She came inside to get better and decided to stay.
I’m playing here with a rope from one of my toys. I had pulled this toy apart during the car ride on the way home. Mommy and Daddy stopped in Massachusetts to get me another one. image9531
image9541 Here I am by the Christmas tree. May I be the best present of 2008!
When I’m inside I like to play with my squeak toy. I’m learning to play catch  with it – I have to practice on catching, I’m not very good at it yet. image9551
image9561 My day starts at 4:30am with a walk. Then Mommy feeds the sheep. She said when I learn to stay by her I can go out and help. Then I play some with Daddy while Mommy makes breakfast. I get 2 meals a day now.  Breakfast is my Pro-plan with a scrambled egg. Mommy said it will make my coat nice and I need the protein for the day. For dinner I get some more Pro-plan with canned food and will be getting boiled chicken added to it. During the day I play some more, go for walks, chase the kitty, (yes, I need to slow down), then I get tired and need a nap. At night, I sleep upstairs next to Mommy and Daddy’s bed.

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