Cha Cha

Hello there! I am from Chicago and was in town visiting my boyfriends family. While visiting we happened to stop by Petsmart and returned some sweaters that I had bought for my dog a couple days before he passed away. He was a tiny little chihuahua and was 15 years old when we had to say goodbye. He left us heartbroken and empty as we cried for him every day. I did not think I was ready for another dog just yet until we walked into the store. There was an adoption going on and that’s when I fell in love with “Salsa” who now goes by Cha-cha! She is so spunky and lovable! She brought so much life back to this house and also to our other pets who love playing with her! I thank you all so much for what you do and bringing this little pup into our lives!! Danielle R.

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