In 2012 our 15 year old Lhasapoo crossed over the rainbow bridge and we were interested in getting a new playmate for our other dog Rocky a 5 year old lab mix. Thinking he would adjust to a younger dog easier we started our first on-line search for a dog. The number of dogs needing homes was almost unbelievable! I had no idea there were so many in need of loving forever homes. Pet finders directed us to MACS because of the criteria I entered in their search engine. Rolfe was at MACS with his mother Roxy. I hesitated asking if anyone had applied to adopt both and was told no, that in fact Mom would have a better chance of adoption if we took the puppy. We brought Rolfe home and renamed him Boomer. I continued to watch the website and was happy to see that his Mom was adopted within 2 weeks. At 5 months he walked in the door and became the alpha dog! Since that time Rocky has crossed the rainbow bridge and Boomer seems to prefer being the only dog. Since visiting your shelter and seeing the need for volunteers I visited one close to my home and have been volunteering there ever since. As a volunteer I have cleaned kennels, walked dogs, taken care of cats, done dishes and laundry, assisted in the office and taken both dogs and cats on vet appointments. I encourage anyone who can to consider volunteering. It is very rewarding and I love those “happy tails” when a dog or cat finds its furever home!

Norma G.