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About a year ago I was looking on Petfinder, just browsing and came across this puppy picture of a little blonde husky/lab mix (wasn’t even really looking to get another pet). I had to have her and even enjoyed jumping through a few minor hoops to get her, not to mention the blizzard we drove through to pick her up from the fosters.

After having Bella for only a few days we were given the news by MACS that her litter mate had an issue that was passed onto our pup. I was stuck at home with bad weather along with sick kids and unable to take the puppy to your vet so you allowed me to take her to the vet close to home and even paid the bill, with no questions or hassles.

Because of all that your organization does, we have the best companion in the world. She has turned out to be more than we could of ever asked for and is extremely loved by all each and everyone of us (well maybe not so much the cats lol). My 9 year old daughter calls her Sis and my parents refer to Bella as their GrandDog. We take her every where with us we can, even on
vacation and she loves every second of it. I am not sure if she even knows that she is a dog. She is very spoiled and very special… and our family just needed to send a huge “Thank You” to your group and wanted you all to know that when the days are tough… in the end it is worth it because you did make a difference!

I have enclosed a few pics of Bella (Lacey)… funny thing, it turns out her sister Vanilla (Bonnie) goes to our same vet and we have ran into them a few times for check ups.

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Thanks again for enriching our family to the fullest and be sure to know that you do this for many others on a daily basis.

-Tracey M