Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are no longer allowing the public into our shelter or clinic without an appointment. Please call the shelter at (313) 891-7188 to schedule an appointment to drop off an animal or to pick one up if you did an online adoption. Please call the clinic at (313) 369-9863 to schedule an appointment with them. All clients with an appointment must wear a mask while inside the shelter or clinic.


Since 1935, the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society (MACS) has dedicated its efforts to providing refuge to stray, injured, and forgotten animals. We work to promote humane education and actively initiate affirmative legislative action. MACS provides extensive sheltering, veterinary care and pet adoption services to the thousands of animals that pass through the shelter doors. We never turn away an animal in need. For many animals, MACS is their only hope.

This may seem hard to believe, but Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society (MACS) is the last OPEN ADMISSION animal shelter in the City of Detroit. Some organizations do not accept stray or surrendered animals, while others require pet owners to make an appointment (sometimes weeks in advance) and pay a fee to surrender their pets. For citizens of Detroit in desperate situations with neither money nor time to wait, they have no choice but to come to MACS. MACS never charges for animals being turned in. The reality of this situation has MACS rethinking the role of our shelter in the City of Detroit. See a list of changes we have implemented so far here.

On average, MACS transfers over 200 animals to vetted rescue groups and have adopt out almost 400 others to their forever home. MACS continues to network and make new contacts daily to vastly increase the number of animals to find their forever homes.

All of MACS board members are experienced hands on animal care givers. MACS provides donated pet food to those unable to afford it, provides free straw and dog houses when available, provides low cost veterinary services and many free spay and neuter procedures. MACS will provide free tethers for people who keep their dogs outdoors and education about the new City of Detroit ordinance regarding the care of companion animals. MACS provides free euthanasia services to those whose animals are sick, dying, or in distress.


The MACS is a four-star Charity Navigator rated 501(c)(3) animal rescue, shelter, and veterinary clinic that is funded completely by private donations. MACS never turns any animal away or charges for the shelter and rescue services we render to animals that cross our threshold if people cannot afford a donation. MACS is proud to have received a four star rating from Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator is America’s premier independent charity evaluator. Click on the logo to review our four star rating.

MACS credo is ‘the animal comes first’ and we will continue to serve the Detroit community and environs with this service through the actions of your generous support.”

-Linda Tuttle, President

Please Note:
We truly respect the privacy of our contributors. The Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society does not, under any circumstances, distribute or sell the mailing list or the names of those who make donations.