Four years ago on Feb. 1st, 2013, I brought home this little abused 6 mo. old puppy who was rescued by the Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society in Detroit. They were so kind to bless me with this little boogs to call my own.

Walter’s first ride home was a bit scary for him but once he got home and met his new brother Wilson, all was right in the world.

He had some scars from the neglect, mostly his intolerance to cold but he had chosen to not be anything but the most loving and snugly dog since then. We still have potty troubles at times but it’s a very small price for having this gorgeous baby who rarely will leave my side.

He is the sweetest thing, a little clown and has an entire dresser drawer of pajamas! Probably as many as I have. I just love him & am so glad he came into our lives & for many years to come!

Deanna A