My boyfriend and I had been thinking about getting another dog for quite some time. We are boxer lovers and knew the only dog for us would be another boxer. We couldn’t wait to find our dog Luke a brother and I knew he couldn’t wait to have someone to play with either.

When I heard about Vader (previously named Stewie) I knew he would be the dog for us. He was everything we wanted, it almost seemed too good to be true. We were looking for a male brindle boxer, with a lot of white and an older puppy (he was 10 mo). We immediately went over to Petsmart the next morning to meet Vader and it was love at first sight. As soon as we saw him we knew we had to take him home!

vader1   vader2 vader3 vader4

He has exceeded our expectations and we are so thankful to have him. Vader gets along perfect with his brother and they are truly best friends. Thank you Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society for helping us make our family complete!

Stefanie K