After our cat, Asti, passed away two years ago, we said “no more pets”. But, we recently decided our lives would be better with the addition of a kitten and, hopefully, the kitten’s life would be better for living with us. We dropped by the Utica PetSmart on Friday evening, just to see what kittens were available, just to “look”. Our hearts were immediately drawn to two almost identical kitties sharing a cage together. The tags on the door said they were Olive and Pickles. They were so playful with each other, and so eager to play with our fingers through the cage, meowing at us as if to say “pick me, pick me”. My husband immediately filled out the pre-adoption application for BOTH of them! We went back Saturday morning, and they were ours! We haven’t stopped smiling since. They have settled in to their new home very quickly. We love them and they reward us with purring, kisses, and playfulness. We have named them Sweetie and River. They have boundless energy and seemingly boundless love as well. They love to play and cuddle both! Thank you for rescuing these sweet girls for us.

Michael & Linda K