Just a few of the things we’ve learned about Mookie:So, it has been over a week since Mookie came home. If we weren’t in love with him before, now we are completely smitten. He is the perfect mix of smart, funny and sweet. His older brothers adore him – there is a lot of chasing and wrestling going on…some cuddling too.

  1. He may be a kitten, but he eats like a HORSE.
  2. There is not an ounce of fear in his body – he’s constantly exploring new areas.
  3. There’s a new saying in the Grotz house now: “Look down!”. Mookie moves at the speed of light and has gotten kicked a few times!
  4. He hasn’t figured out what a cat nap is. He sleeps very well at night (between Mom and Dad or curled up with the bros) but hardly sleeps during the day. We’re convinced that he’s worried he’ll miss something.

I have attached a few pictures – playing with his mouse, helping to put up the Christmas tree, hanging out with his brothers. If any of you are in the South Lyon area, come on over. You’ll be amazed at how well adjusted Mookie and his brothers are.

mookie2 mookie-3 mookie-7

Thanks again for choosing us to adopt Mookie – we will be forever grateful.

Best regards,

Beth G