I had Maizy as a foster dog for about a week before I fell in love. Maizy (at the time Princess) weighed 7 lbs. She was very timid, scared, malnourished and in need of some serious TLC. I had dealt with many dogs beforehand, but none as gentle and interested to cuddle at such a young age – she wasn’t even a year old at the time! After adopting her, she’s really come to life. Now she’s the happiest pup around. She went from being scared and shy, to earning herself the nickname “Crazy Maizy” by my father. She still is a little cautious, but now loves to play, explore, and (lucky me) still cuddle. She’s the best cuddler around. Her favorite things are walks, eating the ends of veggies, getting cases of the “zoomies”, and playing fetch. This dog has been the best thing that has happened to me, and I can’t imagine life without her!

Jordan S.