It was a very sad day having to put my cat Pandora down, and while I was there crying and completely devastated, Rose asked me to follow her. When I walked down the hallway towards her, I looked into the cage to see a little baby calico, just like my Pandora. After a week of grieving and thinking about those little kittens, I put in my application to adopt two baby kittens, because they were sisters! These two are quite a handful, but they love one another and are both very sweet. Lucy (calico) is my troublemaker yet very snuggly, and Ethel is very calm and independent. These two are too much fun! Thanks MACS and Rose for finding these two girls a good home (mine!) and for all of your good work with animals. Here is a few pix of the day I brought them home and a few months later. They love to cuddle!

Julie B.