Hi, my name is Lola and this is my story….

My past is a bit blurry as I’m not completely sure if I was someone’s pet and maybe I got out of their yard, or maybe someone just didn’t want me anymore. I was in a strange area that I didn’t  now and I was really scared. It seemed like I wandered around forever. Sometimes when it rained, I had to find shelter and for food, well, I am a dog, so I found whatever I could. Somehow, and again I am not sure how, I was told that I came from one shelter to another shelter and that is how I ended up at the Michigan Anti Cruelty Society (M.A.C.S.). As a matter of fact, you can still see the tattoo ever so slightly on my belly which I wear proudly. I guess I was really sick when I arrived, so the Doctors and the Staff (especially Rob) took really good care of me and made me well enough to find a new home.

Fast forwarding, on the other side of town, a family had just lost their Dad/Husband, and everyone agreed that they should get a dog. Oh, and they also lost my older brother, whom I didn’t know,
Keifer – he was a cat. So they were very sad and hoped that bringing in a new family member would do them all good. So, one of the daughters, Carol (my soon to be “Mom”), went on a search on the internet and found a picture of me! She came down to visit me and it was love at first sight! I couldn’t go home with her right away because I was still recovering from a respiratory problem but
she promised to come see me once a week. She came as often as she could and when she wasn’t there, Rob took care of me and told me to be patient and soon I would be going to my new home. It seemed like forever and at times, it seemed that I was never going to get well enough to go to my new home. But then, one day, it happened! Even though I was sad to leave my friend Rob and all the good people at M.A.C.S., my new Mom came and got me and we drove to a nice town and when we arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had a home – finally, I had a home. I made fast friends with Izzy, the Puggle that lived behind me, but Izzy had to move. But I have 3 friends next door on one side and 2 friends on the other side. I have been home for 4 years and I never dreamed I would find such happiness again. My Mom takes me to the “spa” for baths and grooming, feeds me my favorite foods and treats (my favorite treats are carrots), and she lets me snuggle with her in bed – even thought I have my own bed! We take walks and I have a big yard where I can run and chase the squirrels and she always keeps my doctor appointments to be sure I stay healthy. I’m a lucky dog for sure and I know I am loved!

A home and lots of love Lola sure does have. She’s a wee bit spoiled but she has been such a blessing for this family. Before my mother passed just 5 months ago, Lola was her constant companion and the love the two shared was unmistakable! Lola, like the rest of us, is making a big adjustment without “Grandma” but we are helping each other get through it. Funny, most people think dogs don’t grieve and they forget quickly. I can honestly say that Lola still remembers and looks for her “Grandma” but I think she understands what has happened. She is a wonderful and protective little dog – Mom was never worried about being home alone with Lola. I am a proud Mom for sure! Her transition from the shelter to our home was virtually flawless! We could not have been more blessed when we found her. She has been a gem since the day she arrived. Thank you M.A.C.S. f or saving Lola and allowing her to have a chance at a good life – and I assure you – she does!

Carol and Lola

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